Things to do!  

Rocky Point Kite Surfing

Are you the adventurous type, always looking for something new and exciting to try? Have you tried Kite Surfing yet? Rocky Point now offers various levels of lessons from beginner to advanced. Cost depends on type of lesson choosen. All equipment provided. Bob, Amanda, Omar, and the entire staff are waiting for YOU! 

Tel. 602.820.8147
Email: rockypointkitesurfing@yahoo.com



CET-MAR Aquarium

The Center for Technological Sea Studies and Aqua Culture is an aquarium exhibit that provides an up close look at the native species of the inter-tidal zone and the northern gulf coast. Here, you can watch sea turtles, octopus, sea horses, shrimp, various fish species, and sea lions. Your also allowed to feed the Sea Turtles and Sea Lions. Food provided for each type of animal at a small price. CET-MAR is located at 43 Las Conchas Road, just before you enter the main guard gate for Las Conchas. Schools, families, tours, individuals and groups are welcome.

Aquarium exhibition Monday thru Friday 10AM to 3PM / Saturday & Sunday 10AM to 6PM. Cost $3- Adults, $2- Children



CEDO Tours

A natural history museum with a giant fin whale skeleton, a field station for researchers and classes, education center with library and laboratories, book store and gift shop An Intercultural Experience. Free public tours available:
Tuesdays at 2PM and Saturday at 4PM.

Located in Las Conchas at the whale skeleton.
Tel: 011-52-638-382-0113
Email: cedointercultural@prodigy.net.mx



Off Road Adventures
There are many opportunities to off-road on ATV's or in dune buggies. Although it is illegal to ride vehicles on the beach, you can do it inland in many areas, especially behind the Sandy Beach. ATV rentals are available, so make sure you inquire "where in town you can ride them", and the rules that apply to street driving. Please, WEAR A HELMET!. It really does save lives. 



Scuba Diving

Get up close and personal with the the Sea of Cortez and take a tour to the famous Bird Island where you can see large sea lions, octopus, rock fish, eels, and much, much more. Get your open water dives completed and explore Puerto Penasco's deep blue sea.

Call 602.404.2982 for details.





Fly up to 800 feet in the air, taking in all of Penasco's beautiful scenery. Rides may vary in price and times. Santiago's can help you with any questions you may have. 

Santiago's Ocean Services


Parasailing in Rocky Point



Sunset Cruises

One thing Rocky Point is well known for is the variety of Sunset Cruises offered. You can take a Pirate Cruise with Capt. Tony on the Rey Del Mar. You can cruise on one of the original charters offered in Penasco, the Intrepid. To set up your cruise today, contact Patti at the Sun n Fun Dive Shop.


Rey Del Mar Sunset Cruise



Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking in Rocky Point is a wonderful way to escape and just enjoy the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Those who kayak in the early morning are likely to see Dolphins, which are a common site in Rocky Point. Bring your water camera just in case. Kayak rentals are available across from the Church in the Old Port, right across from the Thrifty Ice Cream.

Jeff and Audrey in Mexico  011-52-638-38-36209

Kayaking on the Sea of Cortez



Rocky Point has plenty of fun places to snorkel for the whole family. Recommended places are: The Reef Club and Rv Park, Manny's Beach and Pitahaya Bar, Tucson Beach in Cholla Bay, and at the base of the Vina Del Mar hotel during high tide. This cool fish to the right is called a Shovel Nose Guitar Fish, which we found about 50 yards from the Reef. Swim, snorkel and have fun everyone!

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



Fishing Charters are a common site every day in Rocky Point. If you have a desire to test your fishing skills, amateur or advanced, then make plans to take a Fishing Charter on your next visit to Rocky Point. Prices will vary according to the amount of time or how many hours you want to go fishing. To contact a local expert who has lived in Rocky Point for close to 15 years, Click www.sunandfundivers.com and ask for Patti.



Ultra Lights are the perfect addition to Rocky Point, allowing you to see the town in a whole new way, from above! Take a ride with Jorge or Alfredo, who have 17 years experienced combined. Rides cost $40 and last for a full 15 minutes. Take a smooth flight or ask them to make it more adventureous for you. It is a wonderful experience.

Shovelnose Guitar Fish


banana boat rides

What is one of the most affordable rides in Rocky Point? Banana Boat Rides! Most rides will only run you $5, and what you get for the $5 is a wonderful adventure you will never forget. The boat drivers will go as fast or slow as you desire, especially for the children. Take the whole family to the beach, find your banana boat, and have some fun. 

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



Jet Skis and Wave Runners are a very common site around the Sea of Cortez. If you bring your own, please remember to have a current title or rental agreement. If you want to rent one while your in town, you can contact Frank at Wet and Wild.


Shovelnose Guitar Fish



If you would like to take a relaxing ride along Sandy Beach, look for the Horse Rentals that are usually between Las Gaviota's Condos and the Playa Bonita Hotel. Prices may vary.

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



When people think of fun things to do in Rocky Point, they never seem to include Fine Dinning. Some of the best memories I have of Rocky Point were at some of our favorite eateries with our family and friends. Rocky Point has some wonderful restaurants offering American, Mexican, German Pastries, and even Italian. You may want to take some extra time on your next visit to find your new favorite place to eat. Happy hunting.

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



I bet you didn't even know that Rocky Point has several fresh Oyster Farms. It's true! If you are an oyster lover like I am, you need to take a drive to the Oyster Farms just outside of Las Conchas. The one we went to is located on the same roads that takes you out of town toward the Mayan Palace. About 10 minutes on this road, you will see the sign on the right that points into the desert. It is about 7 minutes off the paved road to reach the first farm. Enjoy!

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



Okay, it's time to see who's buying dinner tonight in Rocky Point. How about a nice round of Mini Golf, you say? Sounds fair to me. Casa Blanca Golf Villas are the perfect place to stay in comfort, save some money, and have a great time Mini Golfing while your there!

Contact 602-404-2982 for more information today!

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



Now, I don't know about you, but I love to go to a fun club, restaurant, or happy hour somewhere, and dance the night away. Rocky Point has some great places to go Dancing. We can tell you the names of a few. Manny's Beach Club, Pitahaya Bar, Pink Cadillac, Black Dog, Puesta Del Sol Happy Hour, The Reef Club, and those "oldies but goodies", JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay. Ocean views available at all places mentioned.

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



If you are looking for a wonderful and romantic place to have your Wedding, then you should consider Rocky Point, Mexico. Located on the Sea of Cortez, you will find beautiful sandy beaches, fantastic weather, and picture perfect sunsets every time. Bring the entire family to Rocky Point for the Wedding of your Dreams!

Need lodging at one of the Premier Condos on Sandy Beach,

Call 602-404-2986 Or www.visitrockypoint.com

Ready to plan your Wedding, then here you are. You can contact Soledad Mendez or June Pentecost Today! www.siido.com  

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



Okay Parents, this one is for you. How about taking the kids to the beach and exploring some Tide Pools. It's a fun way to learn about the wonderful ocean creatures together and spend time with the whole family. Great tide pool spots are in front of the Granada Del Mar Hotel (also the Pitahaya Bar), in front of Manny's Beach Club, and over by the Reef Club and Rv Park. They also offer Tide Pool Exploration at CEDO in Las Conchas.

Website: www.cedointercultural.org

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't know if you have heard the good news yet. Rocky Point has Golf available, ready and waiting for you!! Las Palomas Golf Links has opened an 18 hole Golf Coarse in 2006. Pack up your clubs, grab your golf partner, and let's hit the links!

For more information on Golfing or Golf Packages,

Please contact 602-404-2982

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



If you want to have a great time in Mexico, better than you could ever imagine, and really get a good feel for the culture in Mexico, then we recommend you attend one of the many Mexican Holidays. Holy Week and Easter is a week long celebration that host over 62 live bands on the Malecon in 2005. Cinco De Mayo has been growing more and more each year, with host from a local channel in Mexico in 2006. Independance Day on September 15th is another wonderful holiday, and one of the most important to Mexico. Let's not forget Day of the Dead, so we can celebrate for our loved ones who are no longer able to do so. Bring your whole family and enjoy the food, festivals and fun you can see during Mexican Holidays in Rocky Point!  

Shovelnose Guitar Fish



This amazing event seems to get bigger and better every year. I was told they had close to 10,000 riders and spectators this year in 2006, including Discover Channel who filmed an episode of Biker Build-Off, and Easy Rider Magazine, who wrote about the Discovery Channels involvement. It was a great year with warm weather in the day time, allowing everyone to enjoy some T-shirts instead of long sleeves and leather jackets. We want you to be a part of the celebration in 2007, so call for your Condo Reservations Today!

Sea Side Reservations in Phoenix



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